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NEX's recommended channels

Post by NEXFER » Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:58 pm

So I watch my fair share of ye'old tube - here are some channels that I would recommend to people, and a little about them.

Prioritised alphabetically:

Andywarski - ... 2z3aTDTHHA
Many thousands of people watch the live streams and occasionally they even have civilised shows. Often multiple guests and don't let the tone fool you, there is some serious intellectual debate that goes on.

Armoured Skeptic - ... FgwSukjqCw
Entertaining and thought provoking, the animated cartoons are often hilarious!

Arthur Christopher Schaper - ... wSibAxACxw
A man and his camera on a mission to MAGA. If you want to MAGA, and you haven't already seen his channel, check it out for sure.

Baked Alaska - ... 0693J3s97w
A mix between live streaming "Christian Gaming", public events, chatting to randoms on the street, and just hanging out - this channel has amassed quite a following.

Bearing - ... weKDsfeJzw
If you just want to laugh at someone else's expense - Bearing can provide. While most of the topics covered by this "cartoon bear" are relevant, on the nail, up to date culturally and politically, some of the people that get mocked by him don't like it very much...

BritishWarrior - ... cu32spL3BQ
The name says it all. A man fighting for the Britain he wants to see come to fruition. I admire his passion and commitment.

Count Dankula - ... tqWxfuOTPQ
All round shitposting Scottish comedian / entertainer. Persecuted by the Scottish state for making a joke, he awaits sentencing for a "crime" and could even face prison time for it. If you value comedy, some support towards Dank should be a priority.

Deeveeaar - ... YITOlPW9dg
Non stop scamming the scammers! Deeveeaar outsmarts, messes with, and generally screws over those awful tech support scammers - live for your entertainment!

FPSRussia - ... mOrKUwRLmQ
This channel is likely going to get banned soon, when they restrict videos with guns in them... because... this guy has a lot, of very big, very expensive, and very professional looking firearms, that he loves to show off!

Gavin Seim - ... ZxO2bK5miQ
Fighting for the rights and liberty of all Americans.

Ian R Crane - ... VmJs_eiBXw
Every man, woman and child in Great Britain, owes this man their thanks and support. He has tirelessly fought against the gas giants that seek to frack the country for its shale gas resources, the process likely poisoning the land, water and air for many generations to come is irrelevant to these tyrants.

Ice Poseidon - ... URPtFDo-uA
Autistic YouTube personality / live streamer, that has amassed an army of followers that refer to their selves as "purple".

Joerg Sprave - ... RJXhAGq42Q
Passionate projectile firing character, with many entertaining videos of his home-made contraptions "sling shots" - also the initiator of the YouTubers' Union - a union to push for a better YouTube / Creator relationship.

Jordan B Peterson - ... tlOkHwMV9Q
Talented and inspiring intellectual, with many thought-provoking views on the current political climate, championing free speech and logic + reason over feelings.

Life of Boris - ... -39J3aE-bQ
Just because this is the single most entertaining thing that YouTube has to offer, I'd especially recommend "Cooking with Boris" for those on a budget!

Magog of Morskar - ... znoKyKZYjg
What can I say about Magog? He's a wizard that takes role-playing seriously.

Paul Joseph Watson - ... _5KohzDbpg
PJW may have became a household name with InfoWars, but he has since blossomed in to an excellent commentator of all things wrong with the world.

Sargon of Akkad - ... rGM0diZOLA
Love him or hate him - he stands for the ever-pursuit of truth, and makes every effort to apply logic and reason as he goes. Got to respect that.

Squatting Slav TV - ... PHa8TGjL1Q
News commentary is better when a squatting slav provides it. Trust me.

Stefan Molyneux - ... BC252GHy3w
Single-handedly debunking and destroying the plethora of illogical arguments that plague mankind. Someone buy this man a drink, he's earned it! "That's not an argument".

Steve Turgoose - ... 9VCOq5qOaQ
Musician and thinker, a nice place to hang out, listen to Steve play guitar a debate relevant societal issues.

StevenCrowder - ... _RckhweNJw
Taking reason and logic to the streets, and finding the results entertaining! Also a talk show of the same likeness and public events.

styropyro - ... dR7fkgjuIA
Ever wanted to build a death-ray, or some extreme invention? Well, this guy wanted to, and is able to, and it's simply bad-ass.

Styxhexenhammer666 - ... HMsjrGwWWQ
Though-provoking commentary on culture and current events - and some other interesting stuff on the occult. "Clink".

Suspicious0bservers - ... 5nP2xzFTWQ
Curious about space-weather and solar-storms? I sure wasn't! Till I found this channel that is...

The Red Elephants - ... QohglWsKxw
Conservative, feet on the ground reporting of current events, commentary on news and live streaming of protests etc.

Tommy Robinson - ... e6Q3kFiV2g
You don't have to agree with everything this man does, to agree that gang-raping young girls is wrong... He has tirelessly fought against an institutional cover up of child sex abuse in Great Britain, for many long years now, he has documented the state itself making every attempt to shut him down, and silence the victims.

Tonka Saw - ... Y-MFlUeShg
A shit-storm of shit-posting... live on air, thousands of viewers, guests, entertainment and more I guess.

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